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Your Special Day

Wedding flowers that are grown here in Co. Clare. Wedding flowers that are chemical free. Wedding flowers that are supporting pollinators, the environment and biodiversity in general, until the moment they are harvested. Wedding flowers that are natural, vibrant, exquisitely beautiful and utterly memorable. Wedding flowers that evoke the natural world and imbue your special day with the magic touch of nature.

No matter what the size or budget of your wedding, we will guide you through the process to ensure you achieve the ambience and style you have envisioned. Whether your wedding is based on a civil ceremony, a humanist ceremony, or a religious ceremony, the Burren Flower Farm grows the most vibrant and luscious mix of flowers and foliage that bring the very essence of the natural world into your celebration.

Photo Credit Andreas Riemenschneider

Photo Credit Andreas Riemenschneider

Grown here in the Burren

As both a flower farmer and wedding florist in North county Clare, Sarah has created wedding arrangements of the most insane colour combinations, as well as the most subtle and feminine and everything in between. No two wedding briefs are ever the same. Mid winter or mid summer, your wedding day is unique to you. There is no magic formula, just your particular tastes and preferences. Whether your wedding is a pared back elopement to the Cliffs of Moher, a simple wedding ceremony in an old towerhouse or ruin of a cathedral, a celebration in a field, a marquee, a barn, or a lavish and luxury affair in one of County Clare’s finest hotels or castles, we can help you bring your floral ideas to life.

We work with both wedding couples directly and also with wedding planners. We have provided flowers for both local and international wedding couples in equal measure. Weddings in Co Clare have an incredible selection of landscapes and atmospheres to choose from. The Burren and the Cliffs of Moher as well as the Aran islands provide such enchanting, unique and memorable wedding experiences. While the lush backdrop of east Clare and the wildness of west Clare and its rugged coastline offer their own special ambience.

Loving Care and Attention

There are three packages provided below, as guides more than anything else. They give you a ballpark idea of the sort of arrangements commonly requested but are by no means definitive. Most couples end up cherry picking specific items that best suit their particular requirements. You can decide to get all your flowery creations from us, or just some. It’s up to you. Your floral theme can be as way out there, luxurious and lavish, or as simple as your budget allows.

Over the years we have worked with a variety of wedding vendors and various wedding venues around counties Clare and Galway. Click here to see a list of wedding venues and suppliers including wedding photographers, wedding planners and suppliers of wedding cakes.

Our Packages

We would be delighted to work with you to provide the floral creations for your special day! Below are three sample menus, simply provided to offer you an idea of the sort of price range and budget you need to allow. No two weddings are the same, you ultimately decide how many of a particular item you need. If you choose the Burren Flower Farm to work with to achieve your vision and atmosphere for your wedding, you will receive exquisitely beautiful and natural looking flowers and the knowledge that your wedding flowers will be directly supporting pollinators and the entire food chain until the day they are harvested. Our flowers bring joy in so many different ways.

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