A Little More About Us

We are eco conscious, flower lovers with an impeccable eye for design and colour. Passionate about protecting our fragile environment, it is nature that inspires our lush, sometimes bold and always wildly beautiful arrangements.

The Burren Flower Farm

The Burren Flower Farm is a small, specialist, artisanal floral studio where all the flowers and foliage we use for your floral bouquets and arrangements are all grown here, by us on our 18 acre property.

Nurture nature, because nature nurtures.

We manage the farm following organic principles to protect our soil, water, invertebrates and bird life. The farm is not a pristine, tidy space. It does not look like a garden from Bloom or the Chelsea garden show, but rather a place where nature is allowed to flourish, flowers, woodlands and weeds alike. In fact we often use what some would call weeds in our arrangements, but clients are surprised by how, in the context of a bouquet, they appear as beautiful, subtle and unusual accents, alongside sumptuous divas!

The farm was developed over several years with the assistance of wonderful friends and family and is managed by me, Sarah Wall. In establishing the farm, my mission is to bring nature in all its facets, beauty and wildness into my customers’ homes and businesses and in so doing help people to connect with, respect, and ultimately nurture our natural world. One of my mottos is to nurture nature, because nature nurtures. It is very much a two way relationship.

If our philosophy of caring for our natural world resonates with your ideals, or perhaps those of someone you know, click on the link below to purchase a gift voucher which can be redeemed against any of our products or services – flowers, vintage prints, jewellery, workshops and classes.

Flowers that enhance our environment.

Being surrounded by the natural environment of the Burren is such a privilege and one that I try to honour and share as much as possible. One way I do this is by growing as diverse a selection of flowers and foliage as possible, in particular those species and varieties which provide either essential foods or habitats to enhance invertebrate and pollinator populations. I also have bee hives at the farm so I like to think that when I do my job properly, they are extremely well fed and I get lots of honey!

When you purchase a bouquet of flowers from the farm you are directly supporting a local and eco-conscious business that only ever uses our own flowers, grown here in the Burren. You are directly contributing to protecting and enhancing our fragile ecosystems, minimising your carbon footprint and importantly – spreading joy!

The ordinary artistically woven with the extraordinary.

We are passionate about growing beautiful flowers in as environmentally respectful ways as possible. We aim to work with nature to enhance nature. In our eyes every flower is a work of art – nature’s works of art. Here at the Burren Flower Farm our goal is to allow the uniqueness and beauty of every element of nature to shine through in our arrangements. Our style is known for its authenticity and its deference to the natural landscape from which it comes. We take the intricacies of colour and texture and weave them together with a little Burren energy.
Our floral creations invoke and reflect the changing seasons. We mix cultivated flowers which we grow organically, with native wild flowers, grasses, and seedheads from our meadows and woodland elements which we carefully forage from our own woods and hedgerow. Our work is a combination of the ordinary woven together with the extraordinary.

If growing flowers from seed, flower arranging or the ecology of the Burren interest you, then take a look at our varied schedule of workshops and classes to see if there is something in there that might suit you.