Flowers for Business

Bringing beauty, joy and sustainable ethics to your business.

Corporate Clients and Staff

Elegant, naturally grown flowers are a sophisticated way to show your clients you really care. Every arrangement is unique and one-off. 

Whether as a gift to a client or to enhance a workspace, consider the most exquisite and environmentally conscious choice.

A bouquet of flowers or a gift voucher from the Burren Flower Farm is an ideal way to: 

  • show your gratitude for a job well done.
  • lift spirits and express solidarity with your colleagues or employees
  • thank your clients or help seal that deal.

Alternatively a workshop or class or gift voucher is the perfect way to:

  • encourage creativity and innovation in your ever changing business environment.
  • enhance awareness and understanding of sustainable practices/lifestyles
  • allow your team or clients to engage with each other in a very different and inspiring space.

Enhancing business work spaces

Hospitality, health services, nursing homes, creative hubs, corporate meeting spaces.
Flowers add vibrancy, colour, life and inspiration to every space they occupy. Bringing nature and the intricacies and subtleties of flowers into work spaces actually brings the people working in those spaces, joy.

When you choose flowers or workshops from us here at the Burren Flower Farm you are choosing a gift  that tells the recipient you care about elegance and beauty and detail, that you care about them. You are also telling them you care and are committed to our shared environment and that sustainable business counts.