Workshops & Classes

Connect with nature and others while learning something new in the beautiful and peaceful environs of The Burren, north Co. Clare. All our classes are designed to be educational and practical, as well as great value for money, relaxed and fun.

Seeding & Sowing

The Burren Flower Farm is the perfect place to improve your knowledge and practical skills of growing plants from seed. Starting plants from seed significantly reduces the costs of establishing a garden, widens the diversity of plants, varieties and colours available to you, and connects you with nature’s cycles as you watch your seedlings grow.

Bespoke tutorials and consultations can also be organised to accommodate small groups or individuals with specific interests.

All courses are presented in open air with plenty of space to ensure social distancing requirements are adhered to. Courses only proceed if Covid19 restrictions permit. Where cancellations are necessary due to a change in restrictions, e.g no intercounty travel, refunds and rescheduling will be offered.

Flower Arranging

Connect with nature using beautiful natural ingredients collected from the farm to create your own unique, luscious and natural arrangement. 

The primary goal of these flower arranging workshops is to encourage you to feel confident and free enough to play with flowers and foliage without judgement and to provide you with the simple tools to be able to gently critique your own designs and amend where necessary.

Bringing flowers indoors, bringing nature indoors, has been part of human behaviour for thousands of years. The earliest evidence of such, dates back to approx. 3,000BC in Egypt. Over the centuries a great deal of theory and formality has developed within the arena of flower arranging, which break down flower arranging into very specific design principles and techniques. These are very useful to know, however they can be daunting. Our classes here at the farm provide a brief introduction to these concepts, but truthfully you will spend most of your time creating and assessing each other’s arrangements so that you are learning by doing, as opposed to by theory.

The emphasis in these classes is to encourage participants to experiment and discover their own unique style in a fun, relaxed and informative environment.

Ecology in the Burren

Many will know the Burren as a unique, beautiful and rugged landscape of vast areas of open and exposed limestone pavement, cliffs and rock formations. Importantly, it is also an incredibly vital and unique area of botanical and ecological interest. Vast in area, it contains many diverse and significant ecosystems, habitats and species. The Burren Flower Farm itself comprises at least four different ecosystems in the one property, all interconnected like a mosaic – a large turlough, a mixed native woodland, limestone pavement and calcareous grassland/meadow. 

Our ecology workshops focus on facilitating further understanding and awareness of The Burren and the interplay and codependency between its many habitats and species.

Floral crowns and Wreath Making

Dating back to Greek and Roman times and pre Christian useage, wreaths (including floral crowns) have been part of human history for a very long time. Historically they have symbolised many different things, from power and victory, to the cycle of life and the cyclical nature of seasons of the year, as well as representing honour and joy in feasts and celebrations. The circular shape of the wreath is said to represent the perfection of divinity and eternity. Making wreaths is one of the most fun and relaxing forms of creating with nature. There is something quite meditative about the process and it is almost impossible to get it wrong once you know the basics. Come join us for a day of fun and relaxation while learning something new!