The Venue

A magical property in the heart of the Burren.

The Burren Flower Farm

The Burren Flower Farm consists of an eighteen acre property, of which, only a small proportion is sustainably farmed, for the production of chemical free flowers and foliage. The remainder of the property is for the large part managed by mother nature. The farm consists of a mosaic of interconnecting ecosystems, including a turlough (temporary lake typical in the Burren and other parts of the west of Ireland), organic meadows, limestone pavement and an extensive, naturally occurring, mixed native woodland. The open limestone woodland is an intimate mix of hazel, birch, ash, hawthorne, rowan, blackthorn, willow and juniper.

The property is blessed with spectacular views of the Burren hills which provide a constant source of inspiration and an ever changing vista depending on the light, the weather systems and the seasons. Sarah’s philosophy in managing the property is one of minimum intervention with an emphasis on keeping systems healthy and in balance such that they self regulate as much as possible. The limestone woodland is a perfect example of what happens when we remove grazing animals from a landscape and allow vegetation to flourish. A project in rewilding? Perhaps.

The Burren Flower Farm is a peaceful, quiet space, where nature in all its facets has been allowed to flourish. The juxtaposition of such a variety of ecosystems including water, mixed native woodland and meadows encourages a wealth of insect, plant and bird life. Its location, its calm and its beauty make The Burren Flower Farm the perfect place to retreat to for focus and clarity, for reconnection with nature, or for creative calm and inspiration.

The Farm and its Neighbourhood

Cosy Cabin Silent Retreat

The cabin was the first dwelling on the farm. It was Sarah’s home for many years. It is 25m2, small, compact, comfortable and very cosy. The cabin is very simple, rustic and artistic in equal measure, it has an unmistakable energy or vibe, which causes most visitors to simply stop and slow down. It has a wood stove for heat, making it warm and cosy and cocoon like in winter, no matter what the weather is doing. In the summer you walk out the cabin door and you are in the Burren, surrounded by limestone pavement, hills, native woodland, meadow and sometimes even a lake! Entirely off grid, electricity to the cabin is provided by photovoltaic panels.

The cabin at the Burren Flower Farm is the perfect place to retreat to if you wish to withdraw from the normal pace of life and slow down. Here you can hear yourself think, observe yourself at a slower pace and pay attention to the natural world around you. It is also a perfect space if you have a creative project where you need some isolation, quiet and inspiration. It is an ideal space for writers and composers.

The cabin is available to rent for day retreats 9am to 6pm throughout the year (where Covid19 restrictions allow). Contact us for availability.

Corporate Events

The farm is available to host professional and corporate events such as personal development workshops and leadership retreats. The “difference” of the farm as a venue and taking people out of their comfort zones, has helped busy professionals to look at their lives, their habits and viewpoints, their workplaces and processes, and their assumptions in very different ways.

Sustainable and ethical leadership is critical to our current and future societies.

Contact Sarah if you would like to discuss availing of the Burren Flower Farm as a venue for a corporate event you are planning.

Artistic & Musical Events

The Burren Flower Farm could be the perfect location for a photoshoot, a music video, an intimate gig, a micro festival or maybe even something bigger. If you have something in mind and are looking for a venue with a diversity of landscapes and an impressive backdrop let us know!

Community Events

Are you part of a local community group that would like to visit the farm? Do you have a community event that needs a venue? Are you part of a group that would like a bespoke tour, class, or workshop developed for you? Click the contact button below and let us know what you have in mind.