The Burren Flower Farm, Co. Clare, Ireland

Many thanks to all our wonderful customers this past year. Our flower season has come to a close for 2022 and we are busy sowing and prepping for 2023. Our season reopens for orders and deliveries early March 2023 and we look forward to sharing some flower magic with you then!

Long agate khaki turquoise

A long (44mm) necklace with an ethnic feel to it. This is a piece that will not go unnoticed when you’re wearing it. The large focal stone is a very naturally shaped banded agate with minimal working. One face is highly polished while the other is less so. The less polished face is shown. The agate is a beautiful mottled russet, brown, cream and black in colour. Accent is provided by delicate golden coloured glass beads and turquoise chips. The tiny glass beads are a gorgeous dark khaki colour which compliments the banded agate and allows the turquoise and golden colours to shine. Bronze and brass coloured clasps and findings.