The Burren Flower Farm, Co. Clare, Ireland

Many thanks to all our wonderful customers this past year. Our flower season has come to a close for 2022 and we are busy sowing and prepping for 2023. Our season reopens for orders and deliveries early March 2023 and we look forward to sharing some flower magic with you then!

Flower Subscription

You can choose how often you wish to gift or receive your flowers – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You will receive four deluxe bouquets in total, to the same address, at a frequency which you select. Each bouquet will contain the very best flowers that the farm has to offer that day. Guaranteed to lift your spirits and spread the flower joy.

All images on this page are samples of arrangements, all arrangements are uniquely made, nothing is replicated. The bouquet you order will be unique.

“Please allow 24 hours (Irish local time) between online order and delivery, or 6 hours between online order and pick up. If an order is urgent please phone us directly.”



Please allow 24 hours between online orders and delivery.

Orders for pick up from the farm require a minimum of 6 hours notice.

Deliveries are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from mid-March to mid-October (the growing season)

Our online ordering system can only be used for orders placed with a 24-hour notice between order and delivery. This is because all flowers and foliage used in your bouquet or arrangement are growing here on the farm. They are growing in the field and are providing pollen, nectar, and habitats for a host of bees, hoverflies, moths, and butterflies until the moment you place your order and we go out and cut them. Nothing is sitting in a bucket of water just waiting! Once your flowers are cut they need to be conditioned in water in a cold space for a minimum of 6 to 12 hours depending on the species. Only then can we arrange your flowers into something beautiful and get them to their destination. All of this ensures your flowers arrive at their freshest and are as long-lasting as they can be.