Wedding flowers

Add a touch of unparalleled natural beauty to your wedding. Nurture nature while celebrating the joining of your paths.

Weddings are fabulous and special occasions and as unique as the people involved.

Beautiful, wild, locally grown wedding flowers from the Burren Flower Farm are a fantastic way of enlivening any space from barns to cathedrals, or ruins of Celtic churches to Michelin star restaurants. Colour, sweetness, texture, energy, boldness or subtlety wild or subdued - whatever atmosphere you're hoping to capture for your day they're all possible.

At the farm we are involved with up to twelve weddings per year. Why not more?

By keeping a limit on the number of weddings we do, we stay sane and calm, and offer the same to our wedding couples!

When it comes to your wedding, having little pockets of calm during the organising stage is a real bonus!

Whether your wedding flowers need to be on a large or small scale, formal or a bit of boho ecochic, send us a message through the contact form and we can chat about your wedding flower options.

The farmwebsite is getting renovated and we hope to have some images from recent weddings up online soon. In the meantime do check out the farm's Instagram profile @theburrenflowerfarm for all things floral/Burren.