The story so far...

The idea of the flower farm stemmed from Sarah's lifelong interest in soil and growing plants big and small.  With a professional background in forestry and teaching, combined with a personal interest in ecology and gardening, Sarah bought an 18 acre property in the Burren in 2005. The property itself is an incredible mosaic of limestone pavement, diverse meadow grassland, turlough and native woodland. Recognising the biodiversity of the property and the beauty and tranquility of the Burren location, it was easy to fall in love with it. It was always Sarah’s hope, to someday make the property self-supporting. Over time, with the patience, support and assistance of many friends and family, and a lot of grunt work, the property was gradually developed. A shed was built. A polytunnel was erected. A wind turbine went up. A well was drilled and an entirely solar driven pumping system was installed. Along the way there were tears, laughter, parties, aches and pains, advice and hugs and a lot of green tea.

Finally, in 2015, as a result of an experiment with tulips and the purchase of a bee hive, Sarah began the infrastructure for the flower farm. Raised beds, windbreaks and water tanks followed. Tubers, corms, bulbs and shrubs for foliage were all established. Annuals were experimented with, sweet peas were swooned over and dahlias were revered. Unusual tulip varieties elicited gasps of wonder and people queued for rose-like ranunculus. Being surrounded by breathtaking colours, the wondrous scent of flowers and the calm and insistent buzz of insects, while watching the sun shining on the Burren, is a very special experience. Trying to harvest nature's bounty at the optimum time, while the rain pours down your back is no less special! However, seeing the sheer joy on someone's face when they admire flowers from the farm is truly gratifying.

Sarah's intention in establishing The Burren Flower Farm, is to create a market for exquisite, locally grown cut flowers that are produced in a manner that feeds rather than depletes the environment. She hopes that local people and businesses will recognise the difference and share in the delight of the farms's wild, native and cultivated floral creations. Staying connected to nature, respecting the soil, the water and the medley of invertebrates with which we share life, and which sustain us, are integral to the philosophy behind the farm.


"Just wanted to say thank you again for all your efforts and for delivering exactly what I wanted for

our wedding. I loved the flowers!" Sinead, September 2015